The Fabric of our Lives....and a Question!

Chocolate prints on a sofa I could lounge on for days 
....... it is going to be the fabric of MY life one way or another! Katherine Rally has just updated their website in commemoration of their second year anniversary, and it is inspiring me to do some freshening up around the old homestead.

A couple of pillows? A few yards of fabric for a table cloth? Something is going to happen, and soon! As I was strolling through the new website,  saw so many possibilities.....a bedspread perhaps? A bit of fabric to lay over the top of an upholstered headboard? The wheels are turning!

 In case you are not yet familiar, Katherine Rally is the brainchild of Katherine and Rally Dupps. Adventurers at heart, they picked up and moved to Bali and started a fabric company when the recession hit the States. Rally is an architect originally from Nashville, and Kathy is a designer from Arizona, so creativity is natural to them both, as is the travel bug. 

When I read things like this, it makes me think I need to take a few more risks in my life! Sort of Eat, Pray, Love for awhile before I am too old to enjoy it all!

You can catch more of their story on the website, and loads more photos of their beautiful line of fabrics guessed it.....the website.

You might remember the blog post about them HERE when they were first starting out. I had a chance to interview them, and have been a huge fan ever since. It seems like just a short time ago! Which makes me think that time it just whizzing by way too fast.

 Which brings me to "the Question"......

...Which is.....if you have a fixed amount of cash on hand, as most of us do, what would you do with it.....feather your nest and make your home the place you always want to be......or use the cash to spread your wings and fly to exotic places and experience things you have never had a chance to see before? If it could only be one or the other, which would be your natural inclination?

The Dupps have found a way to have it all.....

I think a "how to" book is in order! It would be my very next purchase!

Looking quite happy in a new hot pink sarong!
Congratulations to Katherine and Rally on a beautiful endeavor. 
May they live well and prosper!