Green....Gotta Get Some

Western Interiors, February, March 2009, Photo by Roger Davies

Color me green with envy. As soon as I saw this living room designed by Helene Aumont for a house in Santa Barbara, I started I just have to start all over? There is alot to love in the latest Western Interiors this month, but this room is "it" for me. Helene painted the oak paneled walls with this beautiful shade of limey green with a umber glaze that just brings the room to life. She refers to it as "avocado puree". I refer to it as perfection. The formality is tempered with a pair of Cappellini chairs with woven rush seats and the natural jute rug. (Helene if you are reading this, please correct me if I'm wrong!) The white upholstery (Rose Tarlow) and tangerine drapery fabric ( Cowtan and Tout) add even more freshness. Another thing: the careful editing is a strong suit for Ms. Aumont!

Photo by Tim Street-Porter

Speaking of Rose know....the white upholstery above....I was flipping through her book, The Private House, yesterday and came across this photo. Love. I will have to wait until kids and black dog are out of the house before I could even think of white upholstery....but one can dream. The touches of green in this room are just "right". Having all one pillow style creates a more modern feel, along with the art and sculptural qualities of the individual objects. Again...I think I am drawn to the casual, yet very sophisticated quality of this space. If you do not yet have this book, I highly recommend it. The variety of high and low, formal and casual, modern and traditional are all captured beautifully in full bleed color pages.

Western Interiors, February,March 2009, Photo by Roger Davies

Back to Helene Aumont's design for the house in Santa Barbara. This outdoor "room" is the perfect place to hang out. I just wanted to draw your attention to the beautiful green mosaic table. Couldn't you just spend a whole day longer.

I am sure many of you have seen this room in the latest Domino. The Dining Room of Mary McDonald's Guesthouse is a beautiful balance of color. The dashes of green in the vases, lamp and obelisks add that needed spice to the dark grey walls. I love her attention to detail with the addition of the green fabric hiding the chandelier chain as well. I am not a big shirred fabric on the chain kinda person....but in this case the vivid color takes the seriousness out of the formal chandelier....and I like that.

There is a pattern here. Green, with white or ivory and dark woods or dark neutral colors like the grey in McDonald's dining room, work together very well.

Domino, February 2009, Photo by Ditte Isager

Another image from the latest Domino is from the Hollywood home of filmmaker, Maria Maggenti. Again we are seeing the green of the chairs with white and the darkness of the wood floors. This clean edited space still packs a style wallop. Very do-able for us all: Table, chairs, and sideboard from IKEA, art by Maggenti, candlesticks from the 99 cent store!

House Beautiful, January 2009, Photo by Victoria Pearson

This "room" from House Beautiful draws it's decoration from all of the beautiful and varied "greens" in nature. Again I like that contrast of the green, ivory and the dark bronze details in the windows, doors and light fixture. This space was designed by Chris Barrett for KAA Design Group (which incidentally designs websites for some of the top design stars you all know and love!)

Just a very cool tile pattern from a book I received or Christmas this year: Morocco Modern by Herbert Ypma. Well worth taking a look at. Beautiful images in this book!

So, if you are all ready for a little green to come your way...I thought I would help you out and get the ball rolling. Here are a few things that might appeal:

I just saw this today on Eddie Ross' blog. It is not a plate, but a customizable (is that a word?) piece of art from Artaissance's Biltmore Collection. So check it out on Eddie's blog for lots more info and check out Artaissance for lots more art!

I caught this on Ebay today. Just search for "Green Glazed French Pottery" and it will pop up along with alot of other green glazed goodness.

Mars Vase from Oly Studio. Other-worldly!

One-of-a-kind Limited Edition Antique French botanicals from Wisteria...."Limited", so when they are gone, they are gone. 4 for $999. Lovely!

Suela Porcelain Lamp from Arteriors Home

And so ends my little jolly green jaunt. Hope you enjoyed!

Have a great weekend!