The French....Always Ahead of the Game

Design by  chahan minassian by  jerome galland

Design by chahan by jerome galland

It is Summertime, and that means lolling around with a good book, sipping iced tea with my feet up. Outside next to the fountain if the weather isn't the scorching 110 degrees it has been lately...otherwise inside with the air-conditioner on full blast. Either way, whenever I have a free moment, flipping through a book is one of the ways I like to spend my time. And being a designer....I kinda like design books, ya know? My newest favorite is The New Chic, French Style from Today's Leading Interior Designers. It is by Marie Kalt and the Editors of Architectural Digest France, Published  by Rizzoli (because who can get enough Rizzoli?) 

photo by  vincent leroux

As I daydream away on the weekends about our next trip to Europe (next up: Spain, Portugal and northern Morocco) I will always think of France, because who doesn't? It has been two years since our trip to Paris, and I am aching to go back. So this gem of a book is helping me cope. It seems the French, as well as many other European countries, have a knack for coming up with styles that are sophisticated, original, stylish and elegant. So much so, that they become the fashion in America not long after. But they do seem to lead the way.

design by chahan by jerome galland

design by chahan by jerome galland

Perhaps it is the centuries if historical reference they draw from. America is a relatively new country, so we naturally reference other countries with longer histories. Whatever the reason, I find inspiration from the French, that inspiration is captured in this latest book about French style. There are so many different examples of what is "chic" in this volume, there is something for everyone. The staff at French Architectural Digest have put together a collection of twelve of the most sought after designers in France.

design by chahan by gonzalo machado

design by chahan by gonzalo machado

From the contemporary elegance of Joseph Dirand's work, to the whimsical artistry of Vincent Darre, to the handsome tailoring of Jean-Louis Denoit's modern touch and the Pop-artistry of Buttazzoni & Associes, the classic wit of Gilles & Boissier (heavy sigh here), the list keeps on going.... There are many more designers with genius in there soles across the pages of this book.

The book contains work of the group for the last five years..... the coolest of the cool...on pages about 9" x 12" (yes, I nerd that I am). Each chapter is devoted to a different design firm where we get to read a bit about them (one page or so) with the rest of the chapter filled with photos of their work...portfolio style. Suits me just 

The book is nicely produced, coffee table book style, but does not come with a book cover. The cover is printed on the binding. A bit different for Rizzoli. Still, the book is a "must have" for all you Francophiles interested in the latest of the design that is tout simplement le meilleur!

design by  vincent darre by  gonzalo machado

design by vincent by gonzalo machado

Perhaps one of the most important  mentions is the "Best Address Book In Paris" at the end of the book. It contains all of the information one needs for the Design Galleries, Auction Houses, 20th C Antiques, Interior Design Galleries and Contemporary Art galleries in Paris. A pretty handy thing to have for the next trip to Paris!

So, no need to say "Merci"....I like to pass on a good thing when I see one!

I wish all of you an inspirational summer, whether by the pool, the beach, or adventuring in France or anywhere else! Me? I am planning my next adventure as we speak. Au revoir!