Last Call!!!!

Bunglow Hotel
I have been obsessed with a TV show lately....and usually that doesn't happen. I can miss a show here and there and really not care too much. But I have to say, the Novogratz family has just captured my imagination and my heart. Corny...maybe....but true. I have not missed a single episode. 9 by Design on Bravo has everything a good show needs....action, comedy, tension build-up, romance....and suspense (will they find missing son Wolfie in London? Will developer friend and client like his new pink refrigerator....or hate it?! Will they be able to find a venue for a book signing party supposed to take place in mere hours?). It also has design! And good design at that!
Well my friends....the last episode of the season is airing this next week, Tuesday June 1. What will I do this summer without them?! They have inspired me to get going on my own projects at home and with clients, to push the envelope a bit and think about design in a fresh way. I will be anxiously waiting the new season!!!
Until then....a few pictures of their latest project, the Bungalow Hotel.

Looks like a prefect Memorial Day Weekend Getaway!
Hope you enjoy yours!
(We will be enjoying our Alley Party Saturday afternoon with kegs of beer brewed by our very own alley neighbor, Rob....and a live band. Um....Bob and Cortney...if you don't have any plans yet...jet on over... and bring the kids!)
For some previews of the Finale click on over HERE. I love these guys.