Remember This Table?

Brooke Giannetti had the giveaway of the year on her beautiful blog Velvet and Linen back in November. You may remember that I had entered with my office space in hopes of winning one of the three tables in the giveaway. Alas, I did not win....but the winners did a great job with the tables in their own spaces. It was very fun to see the results! (In case you missed it, click HERE.)

But the blogosphere is a wonderful place. When one computer window closes, another opens. Because of the blog post I did about the giveaway, I was happily reintroduced to an old friend I had lost touch with. Mike Whisten, a talented custom furniture maker and "imagineer", contacted me and we discussed a potential collaboration to make a table for my office. Mike was so inspired by the post, he began a project of his own. Mike recreated his own version of the metal frame table but instead of reclaimed lumber, he used reclaimed sales signs from a Loft project in Sacramento.

As you can see, his version is quite contemporary, and I love his spin on what constitutes a reuse of discarded materials. I think this table would be great in a loft, a beach house, or any eclectic setting that combines one-of-a-kind furniture peices. This is the kind of peice that makes a home unique. And that is what makes Mike special. He can work with anyone to create a peice of furniture that is perfect for them in size, material and function. Best of all, the prices are RIGHT!!! (This table is listed at $600 on Mike's website!)
I hope you have a chance to check out Mike's company website, 12M Design.
Give him a call and see what you can conjure up.
Meanwhile, Mike and I are talking about my Office table.