"Life in Pink"
The English translation of "La Vie en Rose", signature song of French singer Edith Piaf, ........ It sounds to me like a wonderful way to begin my year.

If you have not yet seen this incredible film, please do not hesitate. Chronicling the tragically short life of French icon Edith Piaf, it will make you want to travel more, do more, live more because you don't know when life can be cut short. Edith surely fit a large life into her 47 years. You really have no excuse not to indulge yourself, as the film is now on DVD. The story is heartrendingly beautiful, funny and sad. The acting is brilliant. The Music is, well, incomparably and classically French. C'est magnifique!

In honor of my new favorite movie, a few images to start your year off "In the Pink":

Home of artist Judith Hudson. Painting above chaise by Judith Hudson. Chaise draped in early 19th century French and Spanish embroidered textiles.

House and Garden October 1996

Marrakesh Home of Interior Designer Alessandra Lippini.

House and Garden, December 1996

Home by famed Mexican architect Ricardo Legorreta

House and Garden, September 2000

Home of Friends Executive producer Kevin Bright and his Family. Interiors by Meg Joannides.

House and Garden, January 2007

MLK Studio's custom resin bathtub tub. Interior Design by Meg Joannides.

House and Garden, January 2007

Home of Mathilde Agostinelli of Prada. Daughter's bedroom design by Jacques Grange.

House and Garden, May 2006