Lovely Lighting: Aldo Bernardi

New from Aldo Bernardi.
Many say lighting is the most important design element in a space. It provides a can make or break a social event ( I mean, can you imagine a romantic dinner with super market lights blazing?) can make one look sickly green or beautifully can be a bother if done wrong, and a blessing if done well.
Civetta Chandelier 11.600

So you can imagine my delight whenever I run across a lighting line that not only provides an opportunity for great light quality, but also puts the cherry on top of the visual design of a project. I recently became familiar with just such a line designed by Aldo Bernardi.

Lagazuoi 10. 320
Mr. Bernardi is not new to lighting design. He began his business in the 70's north of Venice Italy. He has been working with local craftsmen to take materials such as copper, brass, porcelain and glass making them into beautifully simple, yet sophisticated fixtures. 
Cimosa 8507
This is but a smattering of what his company has to offer......some of my favorites. Some are from his well established line, and a few are new to the line. I hope you enjoy!

Schiara 12. 010
Vicolo 2850
New! Polare Rame Lar 91/02

Aldo Bernardi Italian Lighting is represented by Ollier Distributors. For information on where to find these beautiful fixtures click on over HERE.