There is a Flicker of Fall in the Air...

I loved this Otto Console/Desk. And you can personalize it with many different finishes.
Even though the temperatures have been in the low 90's around here in Sactown, there is something that is beginning to feel a bit like Fall around here. Maybe it the back to school rush. Practically all of my daughter's friends have taken off to the four corners for their first year of college. Maybe it is the evening cool down with the famous Sacramento Delta Breeze  wafting through the open windows with crickets chirping outside. Or is could be the Harvest Moon shining in our bedroom window.

Whatever it is, I am in the mood for Autumn to begin n earnest. I was going through some photos I took last Spring and High Point Market and realized I had not shared the images from the Hickory Chair Showroom. The atmosphere they had created is perfect for the months ahead......warm, inviting and cozy.

Are you ready for Fall?

The Mark Table Desk

I love the darker finish on this Portuguese Console.
Beautiful barley twist on this Mautene Bed!
The Remy cabinet can be configured in any number of ways. Loved the cozy upholstery! Check it out HERE.
Lovely highboy effect with the Fairley Fretwork and Base
Loved the combination of the Four Panel Screen behind what I think is a custom version of the Evan Display Cabinet
One of the fun things about the Hickory Chair website is the chance to play around with the "Personalize It" option. Most of the items on their website can be customized in different finishes, distress levels, different hardware, wood type. You can have fun coming up with your own ideas!

Many of you might know, but for those unfamiliar with Hickory Chair Furniture, they have partnered with some of our very favorite designers in creating a beautiful and unique line of high end furniture. Names you might recognize are Alexa Hampton, Mark Hampton, Suzanne Kasler, Thomas O'Brein, Mariette Himes Gomez and Albert Sack.

I am falling into the new season with great anticipation.