Browsing the Catalogs

We must be getting to the Fall season because there has been a recent deluge of catalogs hitting my floor as they are fiercely shoved through my mailbox. (I have often wondered how mail carriers feel about catalogs...I think ours is not so fond.)

I have been a little too busy lately to really dig into the pile sitting on my overloaded "mail table"....but recently I became acquainted with THIS blog.....and my interest has been completely renewed!!! (Where have I been took me long enough to learn about Catalog Living ....I am sure Gary and Elaine are quite upset!)

I have been perusing the latest catalog offerings and these are a few of my favorite things ( I always love a little Julie...)

Anthropologie, Painted Owl Wallpaper

By the way....these images are totally random....these are just things that struck me. No order to any of it....sort of like my kids' rooms.

West Elm, Hallway Photo styled to perfection...this might be on Catalog Living somewhere.

West Elm Martini Tables. I have seen these first hand and they are great. The perfect little tables!

Crate and Barrel Hendrix Desk. Handsome rustic-modern design!

Crate and Barrel Metropole Chair. Cozy with a color like butter.

Viva Terra Moroccan Lantern. There are two more styles to love...check to website.

Viva Terra Moroccan Fluted Stool. An alternative to all of those Garden Stools choices.

Viva Terra Eco Sectional Sleeper. The brown (grey?) ticking seat and back Excuse the photo color...the catalog color is a much warmer grey.

Viva Terra Talisman Mirror Collection. Great shapes!

I hope Gary and Elaine consider adding a few pieces to their household. Only good things can come of it.