"C" and Me...OK...not just me!

I received a very kind email from my friend Diane Dorrans Saeks ( renowned author and blogger of The Style Saloniste) a couple of months ago asking if I would like to contribute a few words about where I like to go to "get away from it all" for a travel piece she was writing for C Magazine. I was thrilled to be asked of course! But, sometimes things do not necessarily come to fruition, so I tried to keep my hopes in check. But then I received an email from the magazine itself asking where could they send a copy! At that point, I realized it was going to happen!

A couple of days ago, I received some very kind emails from some blogger friends who had seen the piece. The excitement level went up another couple of notches. I just received my copy ( and yes, I had been waiting for the clunk of a magazine to fall from my mail slot so I could rush over and see if it had come!) and I have been unable to stop smiling for ....well, I'm still smiling! I was so honored to be included with the likes of Suzanne Rheinstein, Anne Fougeron, DelRae Roth, Christina Rottman and Martin Muller.

Here is the round-up of where these "Escape Artists" get away:

This particular issue is a "must have" for many reasons . Ken Fulk is featured in an article by Deborah Schoeneman, that covers his career and design style. Did you know he designed the home of the co founder of One King's Lane, Greg Pincus? He is also a self-described "hugger". I love a good hug! Great article with many project pictures by Mr. Fulk.

Mr. Fulk himself, and his SOMA Loft below:

There is also a feature by Christine Lennon about the five year old design firm, Commune, and two of four partners: Pamela Shamshiri and her brother Ramin and how they worked together to design the home of Ramin and his wife Donna Langley.

The house captures their love of Moorish architecture and shows off a decidedly California vibe. Here are the brother and sister in the home's courtyard.

Photo by Lisa Romerein

Such a great issue! I am going to settle in and savor my C magazine and have a cup of tea for the evening.

Thank you so very much C Magazine and Diane Dorrans Saeks for making my day!!!!