Please Help Me!

I have never done this before. Promote myself in a contest or give away. And I am kind of feeling a little ambivalent about it now too. But here goes.

The lovely Brooke Giannetti at Velvet and Linen blog has been offering a give away the last couple of weeks: a gorgeous Brickmaker's coffee table from Bobo Intriguing Objects.

Brooke had been discussing how things from retail catalogs such as Restoration Hardware or Wisteria can be made to look personal in one's own home just by how each person puts it together in their own style. She received a comment from Mark Sage, owner of Bobo Intriguing objects who offered three tables for a give away. His generosity is so amazing!

Well, I have been trying to furnish my office space, and on a budget, sometimes things can be a bit tough. I think this table would be so perfect!

So, I am hoping you all might help me out and send a vote my way. (pretty please?)

If you hop on over to the Velvet and Linen blog HERE, you will find the voting link on the upper right hand side of Brooke's beautiful blog and be able to read all about the contest and see all of the finalist photos. There are ten finalists, and three tables. I am hoping to be one of the three winners. (please!) Voting began today and runs through Nov. 29th.

I am not proud. ...PLEASE help me win one of the three tables? Thank you, thank you!