Cool: Katherine Rally Textiles

Rally Dupps, Katherine Dupps and the Dupps pups
I recently came across a line of fabrics which I am sure you will love as much I as I do....Katherine Rally Textiles. The story behind the beauty is part of the reason.....and then there is the price ( great I had a big smile after I found out). But first the story.....
Katherine and Rally Dupps are the husband and wife creative force behind Katherine Rally Textiles. Rally is an architect originally from Nashville, and Katherine is an Interior Designer from Arizona. Well....they met and fell in love with travel and each other. A union and family soon followed. When the economy went south, the Dupps headed south with the South Pacific that is. They relocated to Bali and started up their new venture.
I have had the opportunity to correspond with them about their adventures....

Pillows from Katherine Rally Textiles
Katherine and Rally, can you tell us a little about how you were inspired to create your beautiful textiles business?
Kathy and I absolutely love to travel and wherever we go, we buy textiles. We always make room for them in our luggage. once home, they serve as a colorful and useful souvenir. You can use one as a tablecloth, hang one on a wall, upholster a headboard, or hide an enormous red wine stain on the couch.

You are both seasoned world travelers. How did you decide on Bali for this next chapter in your lives?
We promised each other we would live abroad for one year when I turned 40. When the economy hit the skids, I was 38, and we decided it was close enough. We had been to Bali years before when we were dating and we absolutely loved it. Even though I was attacked by a monkey in the monkey forest, Kathy and I decided it was the best of Asia, with a rich and vibrant culture, caring and wonderful people, and all with a hint of exoticism. It was the complete package. Eight years later, it still is, but with much faster Internet access.

Fabric from Katherine Rally Textiles
What inspires your designs?
A walk through the rice field, the silhouette of a frangipani tree against the sky, Balinese ceremony decorations. I love watching a fern leaf unfurl in the garden. The quiet cool world inside a Balinese temple complex. The gurgling sounds of the water everywhere you go. I find a quiet place to sit and try to take in a tiny fraction of my surroundings. It's a lot harder than one might imagine.

Katherine Rally Accessoires
What does a typical day look like in the life of Katherine and Rally Dupps?
We wake up to crowing roosters as the sun is rising. Breakfast is served outside on our veranda overlooking the jungle. After breakfast, go for a run or a hike with Eliza (our 18th month old) who is in a kiddie backpack and Roman (our 3 1/2) year old) goes to school. We return home to Ketut, our Balinese helper who is a cross between Snow White and Mary Poppins. She allows Kathy and I to have time during the day to work on Katherine Rally Textiles and oversee the construction of our house and showroom. We often find a quiet cafe and bring the laptop and email during lunch. I am always drawing and working on new designs. Our evenings consist of tubbie time for the tow little ones, dinner on the veranda and perhaps a new release courtesy of one of Ubud's many counterfeit DVD shops. We read a story or three with the babies and it's pretty much nighty night for everyone.

The pillows are fantastic! These a a few of my favorites
How would you describe your personal style?
Stylish and casual, but NEVER sloppy.

What is happening next?
Five new batik designs and three new colors. Question...can animal prints become great batiks?

What color are you and why?
I am orange, and why not? Kathy is yellow, like the the sunshine.

Fabrics are batik and patterns are beautifully exotic
What is on your nightstand?
Two permanent magic markers, two fine tip black pens, tracing paper and a folder of new designs with words "good ones" scribbled on the cover. Kathy always has a few days worth of NY Times and design magazines piled up and i am reading Rudyard Kipling's "Kim".
You live in Bali, which is paradise in itself. When you want to "get away" where do you go"?
Our Indonesian Visa means we must leave the country every 6 months. We love Georgetown in Penang, Malaysia....beautiful architecture, great food and doesn't feel touristy. I ill be turning 40 in December, so we have a big trip planned to Sri Lanka. We will also be celebrating Christmas, our daughter's second birthday and New Years there. We are the kind of people who don't go bananas celebrating holidays (in bed by 10 on New Year's Eve), but we decided to just blow it out this year - we can't wait.
This one may find it's way to my Family Room soon
Favorite music?
We've been rediscovering the Beatles lately - out kids LOVE the Beatles.
Favorite occupation?
Travel is number one. It's what brought us together and continues to be our favorite indulgence. In addition, Kathy and I frequent "boardroom meetings" at our favorite Balinese spa for tandem massages.
So many to pick from
Favorite meal?
Rally goes for Indonesian ayam sambai matah (super spicy shredded chicken with chilies), Kathy loves grilled tuna salad at Tumak in downtown Ubud.
What is your favorite place to shop and why?
I love the souk of Marrakesh. The sounds, the colors, and the smells of trading going on all around us is heaven on earth. I especially love buying rugs here. It's actually a real problem. After a few purchases. I have Kathy hide the money from me. Kathy loves the blue and white Fez pottery. We have a large vase in our house here that Kathy turned into a lamp. She lugged that thing all the way to the States and then all the way to Bali.
For my Bedroom!
What is your idea of Earthly happiness?
I am with my family as a purple red sky blazes above and the sun sets behind the mountains of paradise. The call to prayer is faintly overheard int he distance. The smell of spice and woodsmoke is in the air. We are planning our next adventure........
And the story continues.......

The Dupps are living the dream! I am sure you will be seeing much more of them. They design all of their own batik fabrics and what I find most appealing is that the pillows retail for about $68 (this includes the insert). (Very do-able especially when compared to the competition!)
Check out all of the delicious styles and colors and retail locations on their website HERE. In the Bay Area....check out Lotus Bleu! (Not on the website yet, but in stock!!!)
Happy shopping!