Packing It In

Spring Break. It is fast approaching, and it does cross my mind in between the day to day whirl of client projects, replacing printers and washing machines, Surewest techies fixing the frozen TV screens, dog walking and dinner cooking....that I do have to pack for a college tour getaway to Central California. We will be fitting in some kayaking, shopping, eating, wine tasting into the mix as well!
So....the packing! It is always nice to have a bag that does double or triple duty! Something to pack all of the my camera, iPad, hats, beach towels, and anything else that doesn't quite make it into the suitcase. 

But once you get to your destination, that bag can also double as a beach bag.....or a "bring the wine home from the tasting room" bag..... 

Or a Farmer's Market shopping bag......or a "bring home a new pair of sandals" bag.....

OR....more to the purpose of this particular trip......a place to keep all of the college information we will be collecting for the next chickadee who is leaving the nest.

Sister Parish Design has provided just the thing, but then they would, wouldn't they? ...and there is even a little chickadee (cockatoo)) inside every bag!

Check out all of the options HERE. Very hard decision...narrowing down the choices.

Which is your favorite?