Bedrooms, Marin Designers Showcase

Master Bedroom by Gioi Tran
I have here you have it! More from the Marin Designers Showcase....the Bedrooms. The house has a total of 7 bedrooms....enough for anyone, wouldn't you say? Every one of them has beautiful views, so the designers were challenged to come up with ideas that would equal the Golden Gate Bridge and SF skyline.

First up is the Master Bedroom designed by Gioi Tran. Gioi and his team conjured up a custom four poster bed, special area rugs and other luxurious furnishings. But my favorite design idea? ....the artful "bubbles" on the walls next to the fireplace. They remind be of champagne, or sea foam. Playful and creative!

The room was simple and elegant, with just the right amount of edge. Nicely done!

Next up....a chic guest room by Cecilie Starin. Layered and sophisticated, this room brings in lots of textures and finishes like silver leafing on the ceiling, zebra hide on top of sisal on the floors, fur, leather, iron, bamboo, and even ostrich eggs...

Guest Room by Cecilie Starin
A lovely gathering of exotic and classic treasures....

There were some much more modern rooms as well. Robin Barnatto put together an exuberant room I just loved. When I showed it to my teenage daughter, she wanted to move right in. Lots of silver tones on the walls, shag rug and bedding contrasted with the very fashion forward acid yellow lining on the faux fur throw and the fun art work. (I am seeing this yellow color all over the place in the stores right now!)

Guest Room by Robin Barnatto
The desk had a  translucent lavender lucite (?) top on it that we loved. Gonna have to remember that for  some future project! Beautiful striped sheers and happy glass wall art added more zing to the artful space.

Kriste Michelini created the perfect girl's room right next door. You might have thought that some of the designers communicated about colors in this Showcase....these rooms seem to flow one to the other.!  Kriste started with a fabulous wallpaper from Osborne and Little...graphic and fun. Osborne and Little also supplied the fabric for the bedding and pillows, as well as the purple velvet for the ottoman. So pretty and happy in here! And I loved the light fixture from Y Lighting...

Guest Room by Kriste Michelini
One of the things a liked about this room was the combination of high and not so high. Kriste used a West Elm daybed and desk in the space. Just goes to show that good design need not be out of reach for anyone. My teen had a had time deciding between these two rooms....

Next, a peaceful room by Lindy Donnelly. Lindy used pale sea foam and sand colors to create the restful retreat. A couple of my favorite things in this space....the shagreen nightstands from Ironies, and..... 
Guest Room by Lindy Donnelly
....the living art on the walls by Habitat Horticulture. I really recommend hopping over to their website. Amazing stuff on a grand scale.

Lindy also did a beautiful display on the shelves in her space. I specifically liked the seltzer bottles next to the oyster shell spheres....

Last, the Guest Suite next to mine was designed by Alison Wilson and Catherine Coy of Sunrise Home. Again, we did not discuss color palette or design direction, but it was uncanny how they picked indigo blue, an orangey red and white for their nautical vibe room. I loved the desk design (you can just make out the desk supports...fantastic!) 

Guest Suite by Sunrise Home
Here is a closer view of the desk area. Loved the starfish and shell displays in the glass boxes!

There was a little foyer into this suite that has a table that was definitely worth a  photo! It had an iron base that supported a boat propeller....loved it!

So there you have it! Lots of beautiful places to rest one's head and gaze out to sea. There is still more to come in the next few days, so I hope you drop back in to see!

One of the nicest things about being a part of the the Showcase was the chance to meet and get to know the other wonderful designers. Not only does it create a sense of community and camaraderie, but it also provides an opportunity to refresh one's design batteries when seeing different approaches to design.

Thank you to all of the designers who were so generous with sharing their creativity!