Time for a Swim

The weather around here has turned rainy. And it is about time! We need the rain after a very dry winter. The down side might be that all of the new blossoms on the trees might get washed right off! During the Marin Designers Showcase, the timing for dry beautiful weather could not have timed out better. February showed off her blue skies for almost the whole month, which made poolside at the Showcase a very pleasant affair. The garden and landscape was designed by Stephen Suzman, and most elegant man, and it was just beautiful. You might want to hop on over to his website to see the amazing work he does.

There was a chic little cabana next to the pool that charmed me to no end. Katherine Hill designed the interior, and also staged the garden with McGuire lounge furniture. Kathy used a Thibaut coral wallpaper in the little hallway in the cabana, as well as a coral colored grass wall covering. She used capeze shell light fixtures, and Oly Studio chairs and mirrors. The whole effect was a charming beachy setting which made one want to don a bathing suit and jump right in.

The art was supplied by Stephanie Breitbard Fine Arts, and was perfect for the space. Game of Beach Ball Anyone?

I am ready for a beach day in a warm location. 
Are you done with winter yet?