Spring Things

Lina Woven Ballet Flats
I admit it. I have a problem with catalogs. I get at least 3 or 4 per day shooting through my mail slot. You would think that You Tube, or Facebook would get more of my attention, but not so much.  I do like holding real pages in my hands so I can flip them, dog ear them, put post-it tags on them. 

However, I usually do not feel a great urge to buy things on sight. I mull things over for awhile. Not so the other day when I got the Spring Nordstrom catalog. I came across these little cuties from Toms. Apparently Toms have come out with a collection of ballet flats, and this pair got to me. I could not wait for snail mail to bring them to me. I hopped in my car that day and zipped on over and bought them. I have yet to actually wear them. This happened just yesterday. But I do keep trying them on and imagine everything I can wear them with. 

Do you do that? 

These may be next.....

Alessandra Burlap Ballet Flats