I've Always Wanted One of Those....and Those... and Those...

Slake the thirst, my friends!
My pal Grant is having a tag sale on what has become the preeminent tag sale website...One Kings Lane . (How Grant could let go of all the goodies, I'll never know!) But all the better for us, I say.
One Kings Lane is known for letting us all share the wealth with prices that are well within reach for those of us on a budget. And then they throw in weekend tag sales from the designers we read about and love! I hope you saw last week's sale....I was a day late and I've been grinding my teeth ever since. In other words....I suggest jockeying for position the minute the gates are open.
(Sale starts promptly at 8 AM PT/11AM ET)

Grant, as we all know, has great style....classicism punctuated with witty modernism and flashes of color. This is just a little preview of what you can expect at the sale this weekend!
So excited.
Although, why I am showing you all the things I have my eye on is making me question my judgement....chalk it up to the 5 hours of sleep last night and the lack of caffeine this morning.
But you can bet I will be bright eyed and armed with Starbucks on Saturday morning. Watch out!

If you want to get an idea of the way the wheels turn in Grant's design mind, be sure to check out his profile (along with more photos!) on One Kings Lane HERE.