I'll Have Water Please

Courtyard Fountain in our Backyard
We have progress! Tim has been working hard to get our courtyard fountain up and running with cool clear water so we can enjoy our backyard this summer. The concrete cap we ordered finally came in and Tim has set it. Prior to this, we had a trench dug from the garage... through the garden beds... to the fountain for the electrical wiring so we can have up-lights in the water trough.
See that red squiggle painted on the concrete wall? This is "water" courtesy of Tim...in case anyone wondered.
Next up....the Corten steel plates go up on the wall above the trough, along with the water piping for the fountain. After that, the wall will be stuccoed and painted. Then the fun begins! Water and plants!!!!

Waiting patiently for our new water bowl!

Thank you Tim....you are so good to us!