Get Outta Town!

Weekend hike on Mt. Rose near Lake Tahoe a couple of weeks ago

No really...

As much as I love design, or maybe because I appreciate it as much as I do, I think it is necessary to recharge and find inspiration in things that at first glance seem unrelated. It gives us a chance to clear the cobwebs, get out of a rut and perhaps think of projects we are working on in new ways. That sky might just be the perfect shade of blue for the pillows on the bed...the green of the pines, brilliant for the curtains....

The meadows were and intensely green

Getting out of the city, either alone or with family or friends, gives us a chance to reconnect with other parts of our lives. Turn off the Blackberry or iPhone (but having it on hand for emergencies...maybe not so bad). I overheard a friend say something to her daughter recently that struck me. The daughter was texting away on her phone while my friend was trying to get her attention, and the daughter was just not "present". My friend said, "love the one your with". Apparently, this was a sort of code between them for "Put down that flippin' phone and listen to what I am saying." But what a perfect way to tell someone to be "here" and enjoy what is happening with the people who are in front of you.

The wildflowers were out in force

We are heading out of town again this weekend to go to Santa Cruz for our oldest daughter's college orientation. It is not only a fun getaway, but a time for us to prepare to "let go". It is a sort of a new path we are heading down on this journey that is our family. I hope to be "present" for every minute.

Have a wonderful weekend.

And don't forget to .....

Love the one you're with.

New paths