Do I Know You?

MJH Design Arts at the Pasadena Antique Center
When I was visiting Pasadena for my high school reunion last Spring, I had a bit of time to scour the local antique shops. Things have changed quite a bit in Pasadena since I grew up there, so I asked the advise of Christian from Maison 21 about where to go. The Pasadena Antique Center was at the top of the list.
I was with my oldest daughter and my Mom wandering through the enormous space which was divided up between lots of vendors....when suddenly I heard someone call my name....and it was not my daughter or mother. I turned around and there was a very pretty woman looking at me. I pointed to myself and said "me?"....and she said "yes....are you Katie from the Katiedid blog?" Quite shocked, I said "why, yes I am!". The woman said she was Mary, one of my readers. It was the first time I had ever run into a reader just out and about like that....and so far away from home! It was so strange to be recognized from a little photo on a blog. We fell into a conversation like we had known each other for years. Blogs seem to connect people like that. Mary Tinduksari, it turns out, is a fabulous purveyor of antiques, creator of bespoke light fixtures and furniture, and owner of the company, MJH Design Arts.
Mary has a wonderful design sense and has put together one of the most eye catching spaces in the whole of the Antique Center. Just look at that red Dorothy Draper-esque mirror in the top photo! And I loved the black tole sconces, an original design by Mary. Is is no wonder Mary has such a keen eye for beautiful things. She has lived all over the world....Spain, Mexico, Asia, New York, Washington DC, and has now settled in the LA area.
I think we spent a good hour chatting away while my posse hit the trail without me. I had to dash through the rest of the center to catch the rest of the scenery before we hopped back into the car for the long drive home to Sacramento.
I took these photos in the Spring, so please check out Mary's website for the most recent additions!
MJH Design Arts at the Pasadena Antique Center
The other space that caught my attention while at the Antique Center was put together by Angela Lee of Bonita Interiors. I was struck by the bright and creative way Angela put together the variety of antiques, art and accessories in her space. She also recreates furniture with vintage textiles, like the wingback chair in the photo below. Her vintage suzani ottomans are so fun too.
Bonita Interiors at the Pasadena Antique Center
I could have taken home quite a bit from this space, but I was trying to be good. I am settling for gazing at the photos for future ideas for my clients and myself. you can be sure I will be checking Angela's website for one of a kind treasures for my upcoming projects!

Bonita Interiors, Pasadena Antique Center

I hope I can get back down to Pasadena soon, since I only hit the tip of the iceburg when I was there last. So much little time.

Be sure to stop in and say "hi" to Mary and Angela when you are in the neighborhood!