All About Me!

My new Powder Room Guest Towels
Another year has flashed before my eyes, and I am another year older, and perhaps a tad wiser. (Although I do have times that I wonder about the last bit.) But there is one thing I do know. We, as a family, are more frugal when it comes to pampering ourselves. We buy things we will use and find joy in on a daily basis. So when it came time to answer my daughter's questions about what I really wanted for my birthday this year, it was a tough one to answer.
Believe it or not, I asked for a vacuum with a retractable cord and VACUUM BAGS!!!! I have been struggling through the past few years with a vacuum that could only have been invented by someone who must never vacuum himself....the God-awful Bissell Upright. (Trust me, I did not buy this myself.....but that is another story). Now, who would invent a vacuum that when you go to empty it spreads the dust all over again because it is not contained in a bag?!! This thing had so many useless attachments, I was astounded. I will not bore you with all of the things that I despised about this piece of .......well...enough of that. Phew! I have been wanting to get that off my chest for a long time.
I LOVE my new Kenmore which is light as a feather, has large vacuum bags and a light that tells you when it is full, a couple of attachments that WORK for everything I need, stores compactly and has a retractable cord (no more winding up the cord!) It sounds so unromantic, but it's what I have been wanting for years now. Thanks Tim!!! on to the "pretty" things!
I had been searching for linen guest towels for the Powder Room for quite awhile, and Pottery Barn added very nice quality linen towels to their line recently. The monogram adds personal touch, and the price ($19 for a pair) was the best I have seen. Thanks girls!!
My Mom brought over the most beautiful Hydrangea to fill in our new garden area. I can hardly wait to get it planted! So gorgeous, the photo does not do it justice. Mom always knows best.
"Anabelle" Hydrangea from Mom
I am so thankful for my family who I love so much and who loves me back. Another wonderful year.

My Lemon Cooler cake from Freeport Bakery with rainbow flame candles

Happy Birthday to Me!