Sweet Surrender: Ginger Elizabeth

If only I were going to be in town on July 24th. Alas, we will be at UC Santa Cruz for the much anticipated college orientation with our daughter, where parents attend seminars on how to "let go". To that, I say "try and make me!" There is Skype, and UCSC is only a few hours away. Don't get me wrong....I want my daughter to start her promising and wonderful new life, and I will not get in the way....but how can I let go of a person who has been in the forefront of my heart for 18 years? Don't get me started.
If I WAS going to at home, my daughter and I would BOTH be attending this class at Ginger Elizabeth : how to make Baked Alaska, Homemade Ice Cream Sandwiches made from Gingersnap Cookies and Lemon Ice Cream , Fresh Strawberry Sorbet, and traditional Vanilla Bean Ice Cream.
A little info for those of you luckies that will be in town the weekend of July 24th:
Cost: $35 per person
When: July 24th, 11:00AM-1:00PM or 2:30PM-4:30PM
Where: L Street Lofts Penthouse, 1818 L Street, Midtown Sacramento
Meet: Ginger Elizabeth Chocolates, 1801 L Street, Midtown Sacramento
For more information click on over HERE.
Ice Cream has a way of making summer sweeter.
I'll expect a delicious report from any of you who attend!