Something Wicked This Way Comes.......

I'd like to introduce you....if you have not already a shop that will enchant you....and will not soon forget.

Gothic Rose Antiques is a shop that caters to those interested in the strange and unusual. And this time of year is quite a busy time for proprietress Crystal. Located in the Gold Rush mountains of Northern California, Crystal collects the "bizarre and the beautiful" and describes herself as "a Designer of the Dark and Purveyor of Fine Macabre Goods."

I think you will enjoy this special tour I have arranged for you of this little shop of horrors.

Follow me.

Ram's skull

Black Cat Bookends , Mysterious Pair of Old Japan ware Pottery Bookends

Witch's Hollow , Decorative Book c. 1921 with Color Plates

This is "Little Pierre" - little man mannequin, c. 195o's, dressed in vintage sequined beret and tiny tuxedo

Wicked Real Paw Foot Talisman on Velvet Cord

Vintage Papier Mache Halloween Owl

Opera Ball Masks

Vintage Artist Made Blackened Moon Pottery Wall Decor

Witch's Cauldron

The Secrets of Hand Reading - c. 1965, illustrated, palm reading book

Golden Statue Porcelain Bust. Quite Romantic!

Gothic Gypsy Side Chair with Flemish Artwork - Lions and Dragons carved into this rare chair

Antique Glass Eyeballs - Hand Blown German Eyes almost life size used for larger dolls.

Candle Burning Book ...what purposes are they talking about?!

Goat's Head....draw your own conclusions here! Eeeek!

Little old bottles filled with herbs....and such $20 each

Victorian Boots.....perhaps worn by a witch once upon a time!

Crystal's library is quite large, and kind of scary. Be forewarned!

Full Mount Taxidermy Raccoon with Spike Collar

To find out more about Gothic Rose Antiques, please visit her website here. I have given a somewhat tame smattering of the very large inventory to be found on Crystal's site. Crystal is a collector of things such as Victorian taxidermy, vintage jewelry of sometimes ghoulish design, books that are sometimes enchanting and sometimes sinister, photos of the bizarre such as sideshow freaks and mortuary portraits, skulls human and otherwise, old weaponry, costumes and masks, and other strange things best left unmentioned. So if you are intrigued, there are many more wonderful and wicked things to see.

Crystal also has a blog sure to capture your imagination. Stop in and leave a comment or two....if you dare.

All photos courtesy of Gothic Rose Antiques blog and website