Hauntingly Beautiful: Douglas Little

Prologue: By way of explanation regarding this eleventh hour post, I think the spooks are hitting blogger pretty hard this week. Between disappearing photos and vanishing prose, this post has taken a mite longer than expected. I might have abandoned it all together, but I thought you would enjoy the very beautiful and haunting talents of Mr. Douglas Little to start you on your trick or treating evening. So here is a VERY much condensed version of the disappearing post:

Douglas Little, Modern Alchemist and Purveyor of Curious Goods created a Gothic Fantasy for the pages of the November 2006 issue of House and Garden magazine. Some of you may remember it:

What I wanted to show you were the beautiful recreations that Mr. Little did for the window displays at Bergdorf Goodman:

To see the entire display click here. There are many more images to pique your imagination.

House and Garden, April 2006, Photo by Jeff Riedel

Douglas Little, founder of D.L. and Co. is most well known for his unusual and fragrant candles. And while fragrance is his passion, one can find other intriguing decorative objects on his site.

But he is also a decorator/designer and stylist extraordinaire.

House and Garden April 2006

Some of you may remember this fireplace from a previous post about fireplaces here.

House and Garden, April 2006

As well as a collector of curiosities.

A taste of the offerings by Douglas Little:

Devilishly delectable sweets produced for the Maxfield Holiday Installation. Be sure to see this under "Events" in the main menu.

Claw Porcelain Candle holder - $175 - available through Unica Home

New Signature Collection Absinthe Candle

Silver Thorn Apple Candle - $225

Skull Porcelain Plates - set of four - $180

Resin Correspondence Box with Flourished Calligraphy Dove Stationary - $175

L-O-V-E Stationary set - $50

Postscript: I apologize yet again. When html code started to appear on the "compose" page, I almost gave in. A Haunting perhaps!?!