Fall Color

Veranda, Sept-Oct 2006, Photo by Peter Murdock

Phew! What a spooky week! So many strange blog happenings. I think my blog is happier with it's original color. I am happy to be back to normal.

Fall is my favorite season, and it has been a beautiful week here. A bit of rain to cool and freshen the air, and the leaves beautiful. So here are a few Fall Color photos to celebrate the season. I hope you enjoy.

I can't imagine a more serene and joyful place than this front porch. All of the details: the fall fruit on the table, the red barn and stone wall in the background, the fall leaves. Heaven.

House Beautiful, September 2008, Photo by Thibault Jeanson

This room is perfect for curling up with a book and a glass of wine. This house was designed by Mother and Daughter team, Hattie Wolfe and Abby Rizor for Abby's young family. It is about the bold gestures set against a calm background of ivory and beige.

House Beautiful September 2008

What a wonderful place for a casual dinner. The table and chairs were custom designed by mother and daughter.

California Home and Design, November 2008, Photo by Mark Darley

This bedroom designed by Jay Jeffers exudes a cozy warmth with it's amber mohair upholstered headboard (custom by Jeffers) and bedding. The unusual starburst mirror is a striking focal point against the warm grey walls.

Architectural Digest, November 2008, Photo byErhard Pfeiffer

I love the Autumn colors of this study in the home of actor Dennis Quaid. The black and white portraits of the actor hang above the bone inlaid desk. Interior Design by Everage Design.

House Beautiful, September 2008. Photo byWilliam Abranowicz

This foyer by Jeffrey Bilhuber just says "welcome!". The French tortoiseshell mirror is perfect against the backdrop of embroidered and hand-screened wall fabric. The red lacquered boxes lend a beautiful extra touch of color next to the pewter colored lamps.

House Beautiful September 2008, Photo by Simon Upton

Another entry hall with a lighter, brighter feel. I like seeing a hint of the table under the tablecloth. Details like the French enamel pitcher, white carved mirror, the painted paneling and the wood ceiling all lend texture and character to this casual, relaxed home designed by Jason Bell.

Architectural Digest, November 2008, Photo by Scott Francis

I love this kitchen designed by Stephen Shadley for actress Diane Keaton. Casual and unique, with it's inverted stitched lampshades antique table and chairs and plaster hood, I could spend many an hour enjoying a meal with friends here. I am sure Ms. Keaton does quite often.

I hope your Fall Season is filled with color, warmth, and friends and family.