Who Turned Out the Lights?!?!? Evangeline's.....

I've heard the mansion is haunted. I've heard there are spirits here and events that can not be explained. Perhaps this is the place where the spell originated. The place where, once one enters, one is enchanted forever. The place that has all of Sacramento, and places beyond, in it's power. For, in the months before All Hallow's Eve, people come. They come and cannot help but leave changed. And once they have come, they cannot but return, year after year. The place is called Evangeline's.

When one encounters the entrance to the mansion, one can choose to risk the ancient elevator with the iron door. I have seen some enter, and I cannot say I have seen them again.

But the tentative may choose to climb the stair to the inner chambers of the mansion.

At first, it may seem like a beautiful and magical place.

But......when one approaches another stair....things start to seem a little bit more....sinister.

One might feel a bit comforted by the fact that a woman is dressed like Minnie Mouse sits on a ledge half way up the stair. Until one asks, what exactly is she doing there?!

I have heard that the spirits walk these stairs. And that there are bumps...in the night.

Quickly, one is reminded that this place is not of the day...but of the night. The night the spirits come out to play, and witches dance by candlelight.

And candles shine brightly above the skulls of those that have passed before.

The Devil himself has been known to hold court.

And he is quite generous when it comes to offering up pitchforks to those unsuspecting.

The spirits are always on hand to watch the fun.

Many of the adventurous come to test their courage at the mansion. And to see the sights....the stained glass skylights and the polished wood antique bars and counters. They think they will be the ones who leave untouched with only a story to tell.

But many lose their heads.

Many are enchanted and lost in time.

But even in the past, the spirits are awake.

Perhaps a bit of a drink is in order to settle one's nerves. And at first, that drink seems to do the trick (or treat).

Until one realizes, that perhaps it is not normal to be seeing fairies hanging in swings.

Or meet Alice in Wonderland.

Time seems to stand still and overlap. How does a poodle skirt suddenly become so sinister?!

Things quickly go from bad to worse.

And the only escape is past strange mad creatures.


You may not be able to resist a visit next year.

Evangeline's is surely part of the obsession that Sacramento has with Halloween. Housed in the three story Howard House mansion and the Lady Adams Building in Historic Old Town Sacramento, Evangeline's evolved from an antiques shop in 1974 to the Halloween fantasy it is today. To learn all about it's fascinating history, visit here. Both buildings are filled to overflowing top to bottom with costumes and all things necessary for a wicked Halloween season. There is a Renaissance Room, a Disco Room in honor of the former disco housed here, a Wild West Room, Fantasy land/Disney Room, Medical Room, Devil and Angel Room, and more I cannot remember. These all in addition to the ghouls, ghosts and witches one would naturally encounter this time of year. I hope that some of you will get the chance to visit. I promise you......... you will not leave unchanged.

An additional note....I have never had such a strange and difficult time trying to get a post to "post". I encountered some very strange "happenings". The photos were very fickle as to whether they would upload, and once they did, there was so much space between them, I almost thought they didn't upload at all. I went into the "edit html" tab to see what was happening and encountered a very strange code that repeated over and over! If anyone else has seen this, I would greatly appreciate and explanation! It was really sort of freaky. I tried to type the code, but it will not stay put, so I will describe it: 'less than' sign, p, 'greater than' sign, forward slash, 'less than' sign, p, 'greater than' sign. Any thoughts?! I am really not making this up.

In keeping with the season of spirits, I am planning a few posts this week to celebrate! I hope you come back and visit. I promise a hauntingly good time!!!!