Vessel Sinks: Yea or Nay?

The Radford 51 Vessel Sink from Victoria and Albert
Vessel sinks became very popular back in the 80's. They were a novelty back then, and were seen as something unique and therefore desirable. Opinions have been varied about these sinks over the years......some said they were a trend and would become dated looking, others still like the ease of installation and the unique look that can be achieved. Others have weighed in on the practicality.....the exposed edge can become an issue with durability, dirt and water can get stuck around the base, special height faucets are required, the height of the counter has to be considered depending upon the height of the sink which can vary, etc.

Over the years, I have specified vessel sinks for my clients that have requested them. I have mixed feelings about vessel sinks in general. I think some styles definitely look dated, and I do take issue with some of the practical qualities. However, I do still like most of the white porcelain vessel sinks on the market right now. They have a spa-like aesthetic, which I really like. And I do think vessel sinks work well in bathrooms where they are used mainly to wash one's hands.

All that being said, I was happy to receive information about a couple of new vessel sinks from Victoria and Albert today. My first impression? I really like them! They remind me of the large Ironstone hand basins I have (I use mine to hold fruit or for large salads). They conjure up romantic images of a time before under mount sinks and indoor plumbing. They are charming and fresh and they are now on my list of items titled "things I want to use in future client projects".

The Drayton 40 Vessel Sink from Victoria and Albert
The sinks from Victoria and Albert are made from a product called ENGLISHCAST which is a limestone and resin product that is "naturally white, gloss finish, featuring excellent stain resistance". Check it all out HERE. So, my practical side is saying "OK".

So, what do you think? I would love to hear the consensus on the future of the vessel sink!