Testing, Testing......

Testing a beautiful silk for drapery panels. It is a "go"!
I just found out a couple of days ago that I was having a not so little technical difficulty with my website. It was not something that screamed out at you....in fact I did not even notice there was a problem.....until I received a call from a potential client that mentioned they had used the contact page on my website the day before, but could not wait for a response, so decided to call me the next day. I was just a little nervous, because I had not gotten a contact email......so I decided to test the contact page myself. The test came back negative....meaning there was no contact! Not. Good. At. All......Now I was really nervous! How long had this been going on?!

I immediately contacted my website handler and yes indeed....the contact page was not working. Fortunately, he was able to email me all of the data that had been collecting since it stopped working. UN-fortunately, the list was mighty LONG!

So...my sincerest apologies to all of the very kind people that have been trying to reach me through the contact page on the Katie Denham Interiors website! I am hoping you will forgive me. The contact page is now back in business and I will be getting back to each of you asap!

Lesson: make sure to test things out...especially when making an important commitment whether it be in business or in one's personal life! 

Case in point: One of my clients and I thought it  a good idea to test out a few yards of fabric we are planning to use for her Living Room windows. There is  large amount of fabric needed, and testing a couple of yards to see the effect was a good plan given the investment required. Plus....it just added to the excitement factor once we decided it was perfect!

Living Room in progress
The room was in progress when we brought in the sample...but we have since had the floors installed, the room painted, sofas and chairs reupholstered and new furniture on its way. I just placed the order for the fabric and it will now take some time to receive and fabricate, but I will show you all a sneak peek soon!

Living Room fabrics

Happy Monday Everyone!