We Thought it was a Weed..... and Other House Stuff

I am very glad we gave this "weed" an chance to prove its stuff. Not only has it risen way above its station, but it has far exceeded any hope we had for it. It is flowering away and has a wonderful scent, just to remind us that it was always better than its humble beginnings.

As you can see, it is much better dressed than the rather scruffy porch bench, which is in need of a new coat....or two....

But help is on the way. Tim has been slowly working his way around the house with the paint bucket. The back of the house was the testing ground for color, so it was painted first. The process has been painfully slow.....but meticulously well done. And the $$ we are saving having someone else paint will be going toward our Europe trip, so it is all good!

I think the windows on the second floor sun room had not been painted for a veeerrrry long time. They look so nice now!

Tim is on house side number two, the most difficult side, since it is three stairs high what with the stair well to my basement studio. A new ladder was definitely in order! All the prep has been done on this side, so the rest is going quickly! Here you can just make out the old color and the new....

The front of the house is what I am most excited to see all done. I hope we are in time for the Holidays!

Other little things are keeping us busy as well....harvesting tomatoes for one. There are more than we can eat. Anyone in the 'hood need any?

And what exactly does one do with all of the baby fish that keep appearing in a fish pond? I know there must be a fish pond or bowl in need of a few additions? Free to a loving home.....

Happy Monday!