"Affordable" is Getting a Makeover!

Chic new lobby for Hotel Berry!
Over the weekend, Tim and I hopped on our bikes for a bimonthly tour of our fair city to see what's up with the latest and greatest going on in architecture and such. Tim is a "City and Regional Planner", so he is always interested in what is being developed in the city. And I am along to see how it all is being designed inside and out.

Who says "affordable" has to be anything less than fantastic?
This week, we were lucky to see the new renovation of the Berry Hotel, a 1920's era hotel two blocks from the State Capitol. My first impression? What a cool space! And then it hit home just how cool it really is when I was reminded that this is an affordable housing project. The Berry has been used as low income housing since the 60's, and it had seen better days. 

Step in...... Jamboree Housing Corp., along with Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency. Jamboree has just completed a 16 month renovation that included seismic retrofitting, electrical and plumbing upgrades along with all of the other nuts and bolts.

Of course all that is important, but really, when you walk into the space, what you notice first is what great style it has! There has been quite a bit of controversy about the funding being spent on this project vs. the city's other needs. Suffice it to say that the dollars marked for affordable housing cannot be transferred to the general fund for use in other areas. The beneficiary of this are the new residents of the Berry Hotel. Residents qualify if they have income 30 to 45% of the area median income, or roughly $15,400 per year. If one is struggling to make ends meet and are trying to stay employed, or are elderly with a fixed income, it is great to see that they will have a place that gives some joy and dignity to their lives. I hope it is successful!

TV anyone? Very nice TV lounge!
The local economy has not been great, as is the case in so many communities, so the opening later this month will be very welcome for those seeking an affordable place to live. The successful renovation does go to show that everyone deserves a beautiful place to live. Bravo to Jamboree Housing and to all those who's dedication has shepherded this project to completion.

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Just another bike ride full of inspiration!