Kitchen Design Tip, and Happy May Day!

Kitchen by Katie Denham Interiors
I love getting reader emails....especially really nice ones that add a smile to my day. This morning I had a question from a reader about the stainless steel caps on the cabinetry legs in my kitchen. There are quite a few photos floating around the internets, but really none that show any detail of the columns and legs with these caps.

I had a friend of mine, another designer, tell me just the other day that a client of hers had found my kitchen on the internet and wanted her to reproduce it. My friend said, "I've been in this kitchen!" Her client had no idea that the kitchen was in her own city...she just saw it online and liked it. My friend put her own spin on it, but it was very nice to hear that people enjoy the design! are the stainless caps in detail! I hope you can see them a little more clearly. I had my metal fabricator make u-shaped caps to slide onto the columns in the perimeter cabinets. They were glued in place with Gorilla Glue....

Leg Cap Detail, Kitchen by Katie Denham Interiors
On the Island, the legs are freestanding, so the caps needed to be all the way around the legs. In this case, there was a seam along one side. We glued around the bottom of the leg, then opened the caps up enough to get them around the leg, then pressed into place...

Happy May Day Everyone!