Pink and Grey Holiday Thoughts

 Osborne and Little just received an award for this beautiful fabric in the Homes and Gardens Fabric Awards 2011 in the Best Embroidered Fabric catagory. Bravo!  Such a pretty color combination......which got me thinking. Pink and a greyish taupe and white does seem to "work" so well, doesn't it?

Here are a couple more inspirations I came across today......

I came across this image on the internets and had to dig for the source. It came from THIS blog, which also has lots of other pretty pictures. The combination here is so much fun. The lamps are just the right touch to keep things graphically powerful, and everything else is pretty without being overly girly. Love it!

It is the Holiday Season after all, and there are so many ways to take your holiday Hall Decking! Color inspiration can go in any direction. Here are a couple of ideas brought on by those fanciful sugarplum and silver tinsel colors......

This tree was found on the Coco and Kelly blog last year. I love the vintage look of silver tinsel trees and these pink glass ornaments create a magical Nutcracker Ballet feeling for me.

Sometimes simple can be so charming. I found this tree on the Lace and Blush blog. What a pretty and cozy setting!

I just popped over the Eddie Ross' blog and came across this, so just had to include it!.....

Hop on over HERE to see more pictures and learn all about Eddie's his latest!

I am curious.....what colors are you bringing to your Holiday Season this year and what inspired you?? I would love to see! If you send photos, I will post them here through the Season!

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