Marin Designers Showcase: New Date!!

Art and Accents in the Guest Suite by Katie Denham Interiors
There was a little bump in the road....a little change in plans....

I have been getting ready to put together the design of the Guest Suite for the upcoming Marin Designers Showcase over the last couple of months, and everything has been coming together beautifully. Most of the furnishings, area rug, bedding, window coverings and art have been custom crafted for the space, and little by little everything has been finished. I was even able to add a pillow from Erin Keller at the last minute!

Even under the best of circumstances, design projects can encounter unforeseen challenges. In this case, the property site hit a few construction road blocks, sooooo......

The Marin Designers Showcase opening date has been changed....and all for the good! You know how there is a little let down after the holidays. The New Year stretches ahead and one often wishes there was something to break up those wintry first days........ Well, the Marin Designer Showcase has offered us all a wonderful event to look forward to!

The Opening Night Gala has been rescheduled to

  January 31st

with daily tours 

February 1st through February 26th

Culminating in....

A Designers Furnishings Sale on February 27th

I hope you all come out and see a fantastic Showcase!