Are You Getting Ready Yet?

Thanksgiving is just now over and I am still full from the Turkey and pie. It is hard for me to get going right away on the next holiday......but I do like to prolong the spirit of I just had Tim bring all of the Christmas boxes in from the garage even though we don't yet have a tree. (I have a feeling the boxes will be an eyesore in the Living Room for longer than I had hoped!)

I am back to work today, and was checking my emails when I came across this charming Scandinavian inspired wooden tree from  possibiliTree. Originally designed by architect Dick Babcock in 1982 for his family, years went by until the design was patented (in 2002). Then the company possibilTree was born in 2005 and is still family owned and run.

The original tree is six feet tall and hangs from the ceiling 18" from the floor like a plumb line. How perfect is this for the person who wants no muss, no fuss?! The smaller tree is 3 feet high and perfect for a tabletop center piece. I have been collecting straw and painted wooden ornaments for a number of years and I can just imagine having them displayed on this little tree. I seem to end up with more ornaments than will fit on one I have had two trees the last few for the Living Room for my blown glass ornaments and gilded paper stars....and one for the Family Room with the ornaments that are less formal. It would be kind of nice to have a different sort of tree for a different sort of feel.....

Click on over HERE to read more about these clever, charming trees and find out more about pricing and ordering HERE.

So tell me........have any of you gotten your tree up yet? Are you in the fresh or artificial camp? Modern or traditional? New decorations to match this year's theme or stick with tradition and the ornaments you have been collecting for years? Do you have more than one tree or is one more than enough? Just think of the possibiliTrees! (hehe!)

I look forward to hearing and hopefully seeing all of your holiday decorating this year!