The Makings of a Custom Area Rug

Decisions, decisions....
 I am missing you all, my readers! I have been very occupied with putting together all of the pieces for the Guest Suite I am designing for the Marin Designers Showcase coming up this Fall (opening to the public November 30th running through December 30th!).

I am so thrilled and humbled to be in the company of such designers as oh-so-talented Suzanne Tucker who is designing the Living Room, Candice Barnes who has the Dining Room (Candice was just in the latest Veranda having designed the Master Bedroom Suite for the House of Windsor, Veranda's first Concept House in Los Angeles!), David Kensington who is in charge of the Family Room, Gioi Tran, designer for the Master Bedroom, and so many other great designers! 

There are so many details to finalize, and it is starting to come together! The idea for the room I am designing is a modernized version of an Art Deco Stateroom. The Suite is right on the San Francisco Bay with amazing views of the San Francisco Bay. I wanted to use a deep indigo for one of the colors in the room, and found some Indigo Block Print fabric that will be made into a throw for the bed, and some Tie Dye fabrics that will be made into pillows.

I am so lucky to be joining forces with Savnik Carpet to collaborate on a custom rug for the Showcase. I have been spending lots of time getting the colors just right, and the design to be new and interesting!

All of the blues to go through to find the perfect one!

 We have been working on fine tuning the blue color, and have gone through a number of options. These are a few of the yarn samples that have come from the dye house.

The Indigo Dyed Fabrics for the Guest Suite at the Showcase
 The fabrics are a rich indigo. The trick has been to translate that color to a cut pile where the color becomes much darker when the yarns are tightly bound together. The indigo colors were appearing we had to try and get a lighter color....

Too light.....

 Originally, I had wanted a combination of ivory and blue, but as you can see, the blue was not quite rich enough, a little too denim-y. And I decided that the ivory was not quite right for the sophisticated feel I was going for. So........

Just Right!
I have decided on a darker indigo blue color that was light enough not to appear black, but rich enough to blend perfectly with the beautiful indigo dyed fabrics. I picked a Natural Sisal color for the contrasting color.

I just got off of the phone with Kathy at Savnik and we are both very excited for the rug to go into production! I will show you the results in November!

 I can't wait.