The Peak of Sofas

 I get a little jolt of adrenalin and I am sure my pupils get a little larger every time I see a piece of furniture that is fresh, interesting and just well done. Sophisticated Living just hit me with a sofa that fits that bill. 

Sophisticated Living is a company located in Germany, with stores in Austria and Switzerland as well. I can only hope that bringing their line of furniture to North America is minutes away. Their design philosophy is described as "Lifestyle on the same wavelength".....

"A good wave and good timing is a must to get a kick while surfing. Both promise joy, a feeling of freedom and the certainty of not wanting to be anywhere else at that particular moment".

Design is like that too. Aren't we all trying to create environments where one finds joy and a feeling of not wanting to be anywhere else at that moment? Being a California native who grew up at the beach, I knew we were on "the same wavelength". 

Sophisticated Living brings me one step closer to finding ideas for making those kind of spaces for my clients. This particular sofa is named "Peak" after a surfing all of SL's products. The metal base is so artful and the cushy comfort of the upholstery makes for a place where one could stay all day. Nicely done!

Catch a wave on over  and meet the team at Sophisticated Living and scope out the other cool sofas, like "Hang Ten", "Haleiwa" and "One Eighty". 

It'll make your summer.