FISH: It Must Be Friday

Whenever in Sausalito, I always try to make it over to one of my favorite restaurants. This restaurant specializes in, you guessed it....FISH. It follows that it is aptly named.......FISH.

Since it was Friday, I felt it was appropriate to let you know where the best fish on the Northwest coast of California could be found. A couple of weeks ago, Tim and I made it over to FISH and I had the most incredible trout I have ever had. Moist, tender and a hint of smokey flavor, this trout must have been 15" long. It was served on what was really a platter, not a plate, with grilled corn on the cob and beet salad. We also got a side of succotash made with the sweetest corn, fresh baby tomatoes, green and yellow string beans and fresh basil. FISH is a place that takes pride in local and sustainable ingredients and has amazing specials every day. (I also had the Sweet Potato, Pea soup with Creme Fresh). It is a very casual setting, but do not be fooled. The food is creative and perfectly prepared.

I could have settled in at the picnic table outside the restaurant and nibbled on the delicious fish all day while watching the boats come in and out of the marina. Hope you have a chance to stop in!

Happy Friday Everyone!