Work, Work, Work, and then a Gift!

It has been a whirlwind of creative thinking, sample shopping, design sketching, specification typing,  and client meetings. There has been birthdays to plan, houses to clean, gardens to plant, daughters lives to coordinate and dogs to walk. All of it happens everyday, it just seems there is either more of it, or less time to do it.

As I was opening another email, I had a moment. Patricia of PVE Design had sent a gift. It seems Patricia had seen a blog post I had written HERE. As is often her way, Patricia was inspired to open her mind and heart to create yet another illustrative masterpiece, and I was the lucky recipient.

I was charmed to my toes, and took a moment away from the multitask frenzy to just sit and enjoy. Enjoy seeing my house through Patricia's artistic eyes, to enjoy knowing someone had taken time to be so thoughtful....of me. 

It does give one pause  to remember to be more thoughtful oneself. 

To see more of the day-making creativity Patricia brushes onto her watercolor paper, hop on over HERE.

 Thank you so very much Patricia!
(And click on over to Patricia's blog to say hello!)

I hope you all have moments to enjoy this weekend!