A Change in the Weather

The Cherry Tree is in full bloom today...I had to catch it while I could. I think it is time to take down the Christmas lights, huh? We'll get to it when we paint the house this summer....I am still thinking about the color. I am now thinking Camel with white trim and gloss black doors. Then some black and white stripe awnings on the windows.  Anyone want to weigh in?
 It's nice when a husband calls and invites one to lunch on the spur of the moment....just because it is a nice day, and the sun is shining. There is something to be said for blue skies and the scent of Freesia in the air.
The tree is just exploding! And the bees are buzzing.
 An outdoor cafe named Magpie's... our first time there, and it was wonderful. Lemon Chicken Salad with Spring Greens, Kalamata Olives, and shaved Fennel......and a Carrot Cake Cookie for dessert....oh my....delicious...the Earth is waking up.
Ahhh! The sun is here!

Happy Weekend!

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