Kelly Hoppen Interiors - A Give Away !

 I must admit, I have an addiction. I am easily led astray from other duties when a new design book crosses my path. I have no will power. I have to sit and open the book. And that is not all. I am moody and uncommunicative until I have had a chance to flip every page. Even then, it takes a huge effort not to flip through again and again.

Any of you out there have this same addiction? I am sorry to say, I am not the one who can help you overcome it. In fact, you may consider me an enabler. I am even going to take it one step further ..... I have a new fix for you right here....and trust me when I say, it is really good.

Rizzoli is just about to release the newest of designer Kelly Hoppen's books:

Kelly Hoppen Interiors, Inspiration and Design Solutions for Stylish, Comfortable Interiors.

The best part?....

Rizzoli and I are partnering again for another

Give Away

to one of you lucky design addicts!

There is a section on kitchens, and Kelly's approach is practical and beautiful....and perfect for entertaining.
 Just a few comments to get those hearts racing.....

Kelly Hoppen is a designer who's aesthetic is luxurious, yet comfortable, simple, and very uniquely beautiful. Kelly has a modern vibe, that seems to work in any environment, rustic country to New York penthouse.

This book is beautifully done....text written by Sarah Stewart-Smith and lots of gorgeous photos by the estimable Mel Yates just to start. The book begins with how to plan your space, then on to advice for all of the finishes for the floors, walls and ceilings and on to lighting.  The organization of the book takes one through a section for each room of a home....Living Room, Dining Room, Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom.... offering ideas and tips for the design of each space, from lighting and drapes to bedding and tile. The photos illuminate all of the concepts brilliantly. It is, after all, the photos that I look for in a design book, and really.... they do not disappoint.
I love the comfort of this Dining Room, cozy but still airy with a view out the gracious windows.

One of the things I really like about this book is that it speaks to the end user with very practical advise. Here is a little excerpt that, as a designer, I have great appreciation to Kelly for including:

  • You are your own designer, and a "little black book of ideas" will be your safety net for ensuring that you create an environment that best suited your style of living.
  • Study you list of needs against your budget, and accept that you will have to compromise. Each and every one of us has to do so.
  • You cannot run away from the cost. The cost is the cost.
  • Make informed decisions on the basis of your priorities, to find less expensive options and solutions

Perhaps my favorite part of the book is all of the delicious photos. I know that showing just a few of the images from the book is just about the cruelest thing I could do to a true design addict. But one lucky winner will get their hands on a copy soon enough. 

In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the beauty!

All of the details work so well together here. The window sheers are unexpected with the rustic wood paneling, but the taupe color makes them blend perfectly. The touch of orange on the velvet chair and a half perks up the otherwise tonal color palette.

 So here's the scoop for the Give Away:

1) Hop on over to the Rizzoli website and take a look at all of the design book treasures.
2) Click on the "comment" link at the bottom of this post and leave a comment.
3) Make sure I can contact you by including an email address, or make sure your username has a link to a contact email.
4) The Cut Off date to enter is April 11th at 5:00PM PST. I will announce the winner the next day, April 12th!

Light, bright and fun. I love the green stripe on the bedspread. I would have to wait til kids and dogs are long gone before I could consider the floor draping length of the spread however. But it is dramatic, no?

 And that is it. Easy.

A cozy cocoon of a bedroom. Having the paneled ceiling adds so much to what might have been an otherwise plain room.
 OH! And for the rest of you looking for that design fix, this luscious book will be available in April, so do not do not have to wait for your very own copy!

I like this idea of having different floor finishes here with both the stone and wood. The dark shutters beautifully punctuate the white walls. I could relax in this tub with a glass of wine and a good book for a very long time.
Have a beautiful day and Good Luck!