San Diego: Dancing and Dining

Dancing Topiaries at the San Diego Botanical Gardens
Get your dancing shoes on!
We visited the San Diego Botanical Gardens (located North of San Diego in Encinitas) while on vacation last month, and were quite taken with the topiary flamenco dancers. It didn't take much to get into the act. In fact, a subtle invitation, and I was dancing....

Dancing at the San Diego Botanical Gardens

The gardens were a wonderful surprise. I had not realized that San Diego had such a developed public botanical garden. A friend of mine told me about it before we left for our trip, and I am so happy I got a chance to see it.

Lady in Green

There are sculptures throughout the park which make for a experience of delightful discovery. In the Bamboo forest, it was almost fairy tale like. Giant seed pods looked almost ready to flower.

Each piece told a bit of the story. Lanterns to light the way.

Giant hat pins holding wisps of grassy locks in place.

And then there were those moments when a glance just made me hold my breath....water falling into lily ponds.

Layer upon layer of color and texture.

Spots for quiet contemplation filled with the scent of herbs and roses.

And then there were the plants that tall tales are made of, like the Giant Dutchman's Pipe which has fashioned itself to look and smell like raw meat to attract flies for pollination....curiouser and curiouser...

There were places for secret dalliances....

And trees that have stood the test of time....

And as we were leaving that day, a gift just for me.....


Another chance discovery on our adventures was a place that made us feel right at home. We returned more than once to The Mission in Mission Beach. The best breakfast to be had for miles around.
I had the corn meal blueberry pancakes and a Chai Latte. Apparently word is out....get there a bit on the early side and the wait is only a couple of minutes. Even if you are late....the wait is worth it. Hop onto the website HERE for menus telling about the goodness.

Chai Latte complete with spoon to scoop up the foam. Best.

Best Blueberry Corn Meal Pancakes with Blueberry Pure, Eggs and Bacon. Mmmmmm.
Next time you are in the San Diego area, try a little Dining and Dancing!