Befores.....And Other News!

Whenever you see the beautiful pictures in the magazines, finished and perfectly accessorized, it is hard to imagine that the project starts out in this condition. I have been busy at work on a few projects that are at this stage of the game.
The first photo is a house that has been gutted top to bottom and I am in the process of working with the nicest couple to put it all back together. I am very excited about it because there is a definite budget involved, and we are coming up with some great ideas on how to meet the budget. I am headed over today for the final walk though before drywall. It will really begin to take shape after drywall in complete! I can hardly wait....and neither can my clients. They want to move in by November....we should make it in time I think!
The next project involves a Kitchen:

An eating nook area:

A Powder Room and Laundry Area:

This project is still in the demo stage, but rough plumbing and wiring are commencing as we speak. The family that lives here is anxiously awaiting the return of normal life since they are living here without a kitchen. Remodels like this are planned with great care ahead of time so that down time for the family is as short as possible.
When working with older homes, there is always the inevitable structural issue that is unknown until demolition. In this case, a chimney flue that we had thought was in a position that would accommodate 24" deep cabinet threw us a curve ball, literally. We knew the chimney was there, and had poked a hole through the wall to check it's position. did not go straight up and down, but slanted over about 9-10" by the time it hit the ceiling:
Since it still houses a duct for the heating upstairs, we decided not to demolish the flue. Consequently, the adjacent door is now being pushed over about 6". A little unexpected glitch, but resolved.
These two projects are both at a stage where progress is happening very quickly. I am so excited to see the deigns completed! And I will keep you posted on progress and the completed projects as things unfold.
In other news,
I have a project that I have been working on that will be on a East Sacramento Home Remodeling Tour this Sunday. If you are in the area, stop on in! For ticket information and times, hop on over HERE!
I have another kitchen remodel project that will be featured in an upcoming issue of Sacramento Magazine. I spent my labor day happily staging the kitchen for the photo shoot.

So, my friends, I will keep you updated on all of the madness as things progress!