Nice Toss!

When I was in San Francisco for the Decorator Showcase (more to come on that BTW!), I had to do a little shopping, of course! We headed over to Chestnut Street in the Marina District to browse around and came across THIS gem of a shop!
Toss is a shop with a little of everything a girl wants.....cute bags and totes, cuter shoes, fun belts and hats, perfect tops and colorful scarves.....and lots of gifts perfect for your girlfriends, Mom's, daughters, MIL's and SIL's.There is vibrant color everywhere you turn. I absolutely loved how there were shoes and belts tucked into each color story area in the store.
Toss Design is a San Francisco design house founded in 2004 known for their travel totes and bags in fresh patterns and vibrant colors. There are now tunics and dresses in the same brilliant patterns in the shop.

See those cute orange flats on the shelf below? And I almost took the black sandals above home with me.
One of the nicest things about the shop is that the prices were very do-able. Cute, fun, affordable and lots to love here. What could be better?!
I am all over these sandals with the caning on them.
Hop on over to the Toss Website for a little online shopping if you can't get to the City by the Bay. Summer is a-comin' and a little travel bag might be just the ticket for you or that upcoming grad gift! (I have a grad of my shhh! Don't tell her!)