Sweet Hearts

Gumps has so many beautiful Valentine's Day gift ideas! What better than flowers, chocolates and champagne? But there are so many other ideas as well. The bedside clock with pretty red crocodile case, and notice all of the jewelry in the background? I certainly did!

It's almost here, that most sentimental of holidays. And there are plans to make, however big or small, to show those sweethearts in your life that you love them. "Sweetheart". It is one of my favorite words. Especially when it is broken down into it's parts:


  • amiable, kind or gracious, as a person, action, etc.
  • dear, beloved, precious
  • fragrant, perfumed
  • pleasing to the ear, making delicate, pleasant or agreeable sound, musical


  • The center of total personality, esp. with reference to intuition, feeling or emotion
  • The center of emotion
  • Capacity for sympathy, feeling, affection
  • Spirit, courage or enthusiasm

Gumps has beautiful Victorian inspired Valentine's Day cards, sweet little heart shaped chocolate boxes, and lots of goodies behind the candy counter.

I have a few sweethearts in my life: my husband (of course!) and my daughters (naturally), my Mom (always remember your mother!) and my sweet dogs (maybe a little strange, but many of us do love our dogs to distraction!). There is always someone who needs a hug, or some small show of appreciation. This day gives us an opportunity to express it.

So many sweet hearts!

I was in San Francisco last week at Gumps for a book signing for Margaret Russell's wonderful book: Style and Substance. While wandering about, I got so many Valentine's Day ideas!!! Really, there were so many sweet hearts, I was all smiles.

Loved these heart cookies! Perfect for any sweetheart.

What is so nice about Gumps is that they truly think of everything. I found something for everyone on my sweetheart list!

Beautiful heart shaped soaps wrapped in black and white toile paper, or red,or white, from Gianna Rose Atelier.

Rose bouquets...so real!!

I had thought these flowers were brought in fresh for the book signing event. But upon closer inspection realized they were imitation! I was so fooled. I am not fond of faux flowers, but these looked so authentic, I would definitely change my mind. The roses in the pictures above were also faux. Hard to believe!

These peonies, also faux. They really did look so real! Beautiful soap gifts with their own bamboo stands. So pretty.

Love Sonnets, Bronze "key to my heart" paperweight, and more chocolate hearts.

Sweet note cards, and more bronze hearts pierced with Cupid's arrow. In the background, Murano glass hearts and crocodile picture frames (put in a picture of your sweetheart and you!)

Check out the Gumps website HERE for more information and pricing. There are lots more ideas there too!

Many may not think they have a sweetheart for a Valentine. But I say, just show someone, anyone, that you love, or simply like, them. It does not have to be a romantic love. Remember when you were in 1st grade and everyone gave each other those funny little boxed valentine's cards with cartoon characters? My girls decorated shoe boxes to take to school with slots cut out of the top to put in their cards and heart-shaped lollipops. What smiles and goods feelings there were, all kept in a simple shoebox. Everyone smiles when they are given a little something that shows someone cares.

Have a Happy Valentine's Day!!!