Stop Copying Me!

I am having a bit of a dilemma here, and I'd like to ask for your input.
I experienced a bit of a traffic spike the last couple of days, which was a wonderful surprise! Thank you to all of you who come to read katiedid!
I was curious to know if there had been a link to my site that was directing a bit more traffic my way so I could thank whoever had been so nice.
Which brings me to a couple of questions. Technorati used to provide the answers, but doesn't seem to give as much information as it used to.
So I put the question out there to Google. Where else might I check who had linked to the katiedid blog? Up came information directing me to Copyscape. This is a handy little site that lets you know if there are any websites out there lifting copy from your blog or website.
My original quest had been to find out if there had been a helpful link to my blog, but I was curious about Copyscape, so I tried it out. Lo and behold, I found a site that is lifting all of my blog posts directly from my site, pictures and all. They do refer everyone back to my site as the original source, so at first I thought, just more exposure, right? But then, I realized, there is a LARGE amount of advertising on this site. So in essence, I am exerting a huge amount of effort to line someone else's pockets! Sooooo not right!!!
But is it considered plagiarism, since they list katiedid as the source?
Has anyone else experienced this? There are other design bloggers who have their hard work posted on this site and they may not know about it. I certainly didn't!( I will be letting these bloggers know, believe me!) The site even lists my blog in their sidebar as a "news source".
So what does one do? Copyscape does provide quite a bit of advice, but the website in question is owned by someone who has 288 other not likely to respond to my letter to "quit it".
It just occurred to me that since it appears this site automatically uploads all of my blog posts, THIS one will show up too.
So Mr. know who you are....STOP COPYING ME!
Anyone who has any information about this sort of thing, I would love to hear it!! Thanks all!