Photography Follow-up, and New Blogger Post Editor

Church on Matha's Vineyard
I wanted to follow up and give you all a couple of links to posts that are full of information about photography for your blogs. Joni at Cote de Texas did a great article, as did Between Naps on the Porch (also a lot of additional blogging tricks here).
One comment: Blogger does indeed have a new Post Editor, and I tried it out with this post. Not bad. But Blogger.....where is the spellcheck? Perhaps I am missing it somewhere. Thank you to Between Naps for bringing this to my attention! I obviously do not check my dashboard nearly enough.
An additional note on large pictures: I have had a few readers ask how to get large pictures on a blog. If you use LiveWriter, it should not be a problem to enlarge the photo at will without losing clarity. The only bother with Live Writer I have found is that photos will not appear in the sidebar of other blogs that use the link feature showing other blog thumbnails.
In Blogger, you must enlarge the photo in the "Edit Html" window. To do this, you need to look for the width and height pixel numbers. They look like this "WIDTH: 300px" or "HEIGHT: 400px" (most common sizes for photos) Go in and double these numbers (ex.: "600px" and "8oopx") You must also find the number following the "s" right before your photo name. It looks like this: :"s400". You double this number also. Ex. : "s800". These steps will double your photo size while maintaining clarity. It may not work as well for photos you are grabbing off the web. But it works great for original photos and scans. Now the photos may be too big. In the "Compose" window you can now make them any smaller size you wish. NOTE: you need to have the Minima Stretch Template for this to work.
Happy blogging everyone!