Messing Around

After putting away Holiday decorations, it seems that I have an annual clean slate on my front table in the Living Room. Most people fill that New Year's clean slate with noble resolutions, and while I know I really should lose a few pounds, improve my business, work on being a better mom, wife, daughter......I tend not to want to paint myself into a corner I can't get out of. SO....I put a little energy into finding some New Year inspiration and re-arrange this table"scape". I know it can always be changed, updated, added to, subtracted other words, there are no corners in which to get stuck!
Every January, my neighbors get together for a fabulously fun and delicious Progressive Dinner Party (more on that soon!). This year, we were on the Dessert team, and the dessert course was held at our I did have to put a quick something together for the party. My very quick response was a few books, a mercury glass sphere and some simple pillar candles (IKEA!) and a round mirror. After looking at some older photos of this table, I realized that you have not seen the new (old) lamps that came out of storage when we moved Mom from Petaluma to Sacramento. I have also put up the beautiful photograph by James Bleecker that I had in the Marin Designer there are a few bigger changes.

Here are a few of the past assemblages you may remember........

Shells, Ironstone and Flowering Quince.

Christmas mercury glass, silver punchbowl with a rosemary Christmas tree.

This one does have the new lamps, books, shells, green glass demijohn on the floor and fern.

A Fall collection of wicker covered bottles, antlers, gourds and white pumpkins.

So you see, I an inspired by experimentation and just plain old messing around til things look interesting. I usually use things I already have and add flowers or something seasonal. Do you have areas in your home you re-arrange regularly? I would love to hear how you re-energize your New Year!

AND I noticed that my new camera is taking MUCH better photos! So....I will make one resolution.....I will learn to master my new Sony a37 camera.