San Francisco: Glamour and the Showhouse

It has been a very busy couple of weeks! And I have lots to tell you all. I was lucky enough to attend the book signing for the new Metropolitan Magazine book, Glamour, Making it Modern last Tuesday night at Gumps. It is always a thrill to meet the Editors of my favorite magazines. Donna Warner was such a nice and lovely person. I guess that sounds a little funny, but it is nice to know that the magazine movers and shakers are so approachable and gracious with their time.

The book is a compilation of the best from Metropolitan Home Magazine catagorized into three main sections: CONCEPTS (Scale, Palette, Luster, Antiques, etc.) OBJECTS (Staircases, Fireplaces, Drapery, Chandeliers, Mirrors, etc.) and ROOMS (Living, Dining...). There are subcatagories within eash of these as well. It is a very helpful way to get ideas for a particular item or idea. I will be posting photos fromt the book in the next few days.

I also attended the Metropolitan Home Modern by Design Showhouse last Wednesday. I was able to talk to all of the designers and pick their creative brains about their designs. The historic, 7,700-square-foot Pacific heights home was completely refurbished by designer Regine Callan of RBR Development and architect Mark English.

The photo above was taken during the day while the last minute details were being perfected. There were workmen rushing around like mad getting it all done!

That night, it had been completely transformed for the Opening night Gala. There were so many people, they wrapped around the block! We got to the head of the line and the security guard said..."OK, that's it! No more people can fit inside!" We just about fainted. Then he talked into his walkie- talkie and said "OK...we can have 25 more people!" Phew!!!

When we got inside for the gala, it was packed! But SO much fun! The food was hors d'oeurves and wine were in abundance, and so were the people. I ran into Scot Meacham Wood of Tartanscot and many of the designers I had met earlier in the day.

I was able to get alot of great photos which I will be posting this week! My favorite shots are of the designers in their "Natural Habitats." The Showhouse benefits the San Francisco Ballet, and heaven knows that the arts can use a boost right about now. The Showhouse will be open for the next 4 weeks, and I highly recommend it! The designs were so much fun and the designer line-up is fantastic! For more info and the designer line-up, click here.

We ate dinner after the Gala at a restaurant I had not been to before called The Salt House....I also have pictures of that for you. Great atmosphere and food!

After this whirlwind week, I welcomed my daughter back from her Switzerland, Vienna trip on Sunday (which she paid for herself, I am very proud to say!!!) and shuttled my husband off on a fishing trip to Alaska with his dad on Monday. I know I am behind....but I'm working on it!

Lots of pictures tomorrow!!!!!