Dontcha just love that word? Sometimes there are things that are free that you take just because they are free. It may not be something you really want or need. Like the free mini boxes of cereal that come in the mail. Then there are the free things you seek out, like the free food samples at Costco. You know what I mean. You can make a meal out of those enchilada and potroast samples. Sometimes I wait for there to be a free gift with the "purchase of $30 or more" at the make-up counter. (I have more beach bags and make-up pouches than you can imagine).

But there is another catagory. Things that you would love to have, but they are just not in the budget right now. But you keep looking at them in the magazines wondering if you could maybe swing it.

Here's one of those kind of freebies!

Merida Meridian is having a FREE RUG CONTEST . They are giving away a different rug every month! And the more who enter, the longer they can keep doing this. This month they are giving away a 5x8 Malabay Bark Abaca Area Rug like the one pictured in the photo above. (And speaking of the photo...maybe there will be free give-away of this HOUSE! Those newell posts!One can dream....that's free too.)

So I'd thought I'd pass along the goodness. Here is the link to the Contest Page.

Good Luck!!!

(And the Modern by Design Showhouse Pictures are on their way!!!!)