I was over at Pigtown Design today and could hardly take my eyes off of the homes in Meg's post here. Each house better than the last. It reminded me that I had taken a picture of the Cherry tree that had bloomed in front of our house a couple of weeks ago heralding the beginning of Spring. The garden was just beginning to bloom and we were overrun with forget-me-nots. My husband thinks they are a nuisance, but I won't let him pull them out. They and the azaleas are the first things to bloom, and they just lift my spirits.

The good old days when the girls liked to go out with their parents in public and actually let us take pictures of them. This was a particularly beautiful Easter we had at Daffodil Hill in the Sierra Foothills. The meadow behind the girls is full of daffodils of every kind. If you are ever wanting a perfect Spring excursion in Northern Cal....look this up.

Is anyone planning anything special this Easter Weekend? We are playing it pretty low key: brunch with family and some friends.

I wish you all a